Grow longer & thicker hair
Free USA Shipping over $69
Delicious & chewable Gummies
Grow longer & thicker hair
Free USA Shipping over $69
Delicious & chewable Gummies


1. How do I use SweetHairHearts?
As a dietary supplement, adults take two gummy vitamins per day. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.
2. Are the SweetHairHearts cruelty free?
Yes! We would never hurt or harm animals for our products.
3. Are SweetHairHearts suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, of course!
4. Are SweetHairHearts gluten free?
Yes! Our Gummies contain NO GLUTEN.
5. Is it ok to take it with other vitamins?
You should always consult with your GP before starting any supplement regime, discuss the changes of your daily diet with your GP to ensure they are safe alongside any (prescribed) medication that you may be on.
6. Can I exceed the suggested amount?
We strongly advise, that you to follow the recommended daily intake.


1. How can I Pay?
You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, AmercianExpress or PayPal.
2. Can I get a refund?
You have 14 business days to return your order under our return policy, which starts on the day after you received the item. When You receive an item, please ensure that you take reasonable care of it e.g., please ensure that any security seals or tags are still intact. Reimbursement requests will only be considered if the packaging is unopened and is in its original.
3. How long will it take to get my refund?
If you receive information about a refund, please be aware that transactions can take up to seven business days depending on your credit card and bank provider.

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